Our mission


Welcome to East McFarland Baptist Church! My name is Joseph Fowler and I serve as the lead pastor here at EMBC.


At East McFarland Baptist Church, we believe that in order to exalt our God, every Christian should attend worship as often as possible. We also believe that practicing generosity through the giving our time, talent, and tithe to the church is an essential part of exalting Jesus Christ. 


At EMBC, we want all of our members to be equipped to share their Christian faith. We encourage joining a small group Bible study and actively practicing prayer within your small group, but also during your alone time with God. 


We believe that every Christian should be involved in a ministry that shares the gospel. Evangelizing the good news of Jesus Christ is an exciting and important part of meeting needs through the Christian faith.


Feel free to send any questions my way using the email form at the bottom of each page of our website.


I am so glad that you have taken interest in our church and we hope that you will join us in worship this Sunday!


In Christ,